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Downlights – Condensation – Thermahood

Downlights can add character to our homes.  However, they are a weak point in the building fabric and can reduce the effectiveness of loft insulation. Really popular in bathrooms these downlights can add to the risk of condensation. Nullify this condensation risk by fitting Thermahood Downlight Covers. Keep separation of…

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Thermahood - Product Range

Thermahood Downlight Covers – Product Range!

  Thermahood Downlight Covers  –  Product Range!   Thermahood Ltd have added TH 095 to the already very popular range of Downlight Covers Product Range Includes – TH 140,  TH 001 and TH 095 This range have been designed to meet requirements for current Building Regulations! TH 095, this latest…

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Thermahood – FAQs -Can I fit insulation over fire rated downlights?

It is now a requirement of Building Regulations that loft insulation must be continuous, meaning it is no longer acceptable to leave gaps in the insulation around downlights! The answer to this question depends on the type of downlight, some fire rated downlights can be covered directly with insulation and some cannot. The most comprehensive way of addressing this is to fit a fire rated downlight, a LED lamp with a Thermahood downlight cover and then fit loft insulation over this. Using this method you will have the benefit of a fire rated downlight, the energy consumption savings from LED lamps and the protection of Thermahood downlight covers!

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Thermahood – FAQs

Here we have some of our growing collection of FAQs, we will endeavour to answer these either 1 by 1 or if there are similar we group the answers!
Can I fit insulation over fire rated downlights?

How do I fit loft insulation and light covers?

Can I fit downlight hoods over my basic downlight fittings? (240v – LED bulb)

What is the insulation & downlight regulation?

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